Empowering the students with quality education in a wider horizon is the mission we embrace at Davesar. As a Director , I am privileged to be a part of the education scenario today. Understanding the competitive environment, we strive to facilitate excellent educational options for the personal growth and career fulfillment of students aspiring to study abroad.The world is already borderless in various contexts and in such an environment, skills, knowledge and a flexible way of thinking gained through international experience are essential. As a member of the global society, it is crucial to see your own country from abroad in order to widen your vision and fully appreciate the potential both you and your country have.

I promise you, we will persevere in developing DAVESAR CONSULTANTS in to one of the best centers for enabling aspirants to pursue higher academic interests and translating their dreams to reality.Your decision to study abroad is a good one, provided your application to your chosen destination country is backed by your profile, background, preference and experience.We understand that each individual will have different needs based on their socio-economic background and we will be able to assist you in striking the right balance between course price and quality.

If you are interested in working with us as a partner to grow our businesses together, we are more than happy to discuss how to achieve our mutual global visions and business objectives.we'd like to thank our students, well-wishers and our partner institutions overseas for choosing to support us! We look forward to helping you soon. Get in touch with our office to make an appointment to come in for a chat.

Hardesh Sharma
Managing Director

Universities We Represent

  • abacus
  • bayofplenty
  • bedforshire
  • cambridge
  • canberra
  • cornell
  • cpit
  • cqu
  • eden
  • fund
  • griffith
  • hclmes
  • kangan
  • leeds
  • linguis
  • metro
  • nzse
  • ozford
  • qag
  • quantum
  • southbank
  • southcross
  • tafe
  • universtyofcoast
  • victoria
  • waiariki
  • westlondon
  • wintec
  • zba