Are degrees / qualifications from Australia recognized in India?

Yes. All degrees recognized by Australian Universities are recognized in India. The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) the apex body in India has clarified that recognized degrees from Australia are fully recognized in India. AIU has a memorandum of understanding with Australian government and this enables the mutual recognisation of degrees. However please note that certain professional qualifications like medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law etc will require professional registration and the process will differ

What is the difference between E-Visa & paper based application?

E-visa is a trial that was set up to give established and approved education agents the ability to lodge student visa application online for faster processing. These applications are processed in-shore in Australia and have a faster, streamlined assessment process. Paper visa applications are lodged by those education agents and clients who do not have e-visa access. These applications are processed at Australian High Commission, New Delhi
The requirement for the visa are exactly the same and the visa that is issued is exactly the same. Label Free visas are adopted by DIAC and the visa is directly linked to the passport of the student. The entitlements and obligations are the same

Can I work in Australia?

Yes. International Students on a Student visa in Australia can work 20 hours in a week during course time and full time in vacations. However, you cannot start work until you have commenced your course in Australia.

What are the living expenses in Australia?

On an average, an international student spends about 800 – 1000 AUD per month on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport & other costs. It is important to note that an individual’s cost may vary as per their location, course & lifestyle.


What is SPP or Student Partner Program for Canada?

The government of Canada has a very special program for Indian students, and this is called the Student Partner program (SPP Canada).  This program allows Indian student to get visa very quickly and with minimal documentation. In addition to this Indian student will also get work permit after doing their studies. Canadian government has appointed few selected colleges to get admission under SPP Program Canada. Most of the colleges listed under the SPP program are Canadian government funded and offer very high level of education.

What is the official language?

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages – English and French. Most of the French-speaking inhabitants live in Quebec. However, almost all non-Quebec based universities offer education instruction in English only.

What are the Visa application requirements?

The documents required for visa application are given below:

  • Completed Student Application form.
  • Completed Supplementary Questionnaire for students and postdoctoral researchers.
  • Official letter of acceptance from Canadian university, college or Technical Institute.
  • Certificate of Acceptance from the province of Quebec (Only if you plan to study in province of Quebec)
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores if applicable
  • Passport, valid for at least one year from the planned date of entry to Canada, plus valid passports of any accompanying dependants.
  • Bank Draft for the applicable visa processing fees

What can I do to speed up medical processing?
Set up your appointments as far in advance as possible. You could provide the examining physician with a pre-paid courier envelope for submission to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Some students will not require a medical. It depends on your places of residence over the year immediately prior to your application.


What is the application process for NZ?

Admissions are granted purely on students academics. Students need to provide: CV, academic documents, any professional certifications, and work experience if applicable, English language evidence, reference letters, SOP & Passport copy.

What are the climatic conditions?
Winter is June through August and our summer is between December and March. Temperature varies from 20–30°C during summers and 5–15°C during winters.

Can I work whilst am studying?

All international students are allowed to work part time upto 20 hours per week & full time during summer holidays. NZ follows minimum wage system; current minimum wage for an employee is 12 NZ$ per hour.

Can my spouse accompany me during my studies in NZ?

Spouse of students going for PG course or courses in Long term skilled shortage area can get Full time work permit. Spouse of students going to UG courses if willing, to accompany their partners can apply for a visitor visa.

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